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A Story of Living in a Trailer.

A Story of Living in a Trailer.

Our Skamper's just a little bit dirty. #colorado #winter #VanLife

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I awoke with a start to the rattle and bang at the door. I sat up and pulled the blanket around me. I was dreaming before, images quickly escaping to the rhythm of my jolted heart. Headlights infiltrated the covered windows and left unwelcome stains upon the bed. A voice penetrated our private cocoon.

“Hey! Hey, you can’t sleep here!” Bang, bang, bang. Flashlight. Security guard, cop?

Eric threw on a pair of jeans and went to the door, rubbing his face, already resigned. He opened the latch and a flashlight beam struck an exposed shelf loaded with pots and pans.

“There weren’t any signs.”

“You can’t sleep here.”

“We were waiting for them to open.”

“No overnight parking.”

“We’ll move,” he muttered, and closed the door.

I worked my body into some clothes, already feeling the chill of the night air from Eric’s brief interaction with the security guard. Those lights still stabbing into the trailer, we didn’t need to turn on any of our own. I half stumbled to the van and we drove to another spot. It’s hard to remember during those times how long a certain drive might take – a strange combination of fear and exhaustion set in and time got fuzzy. We might have found a rest stop far enough up the line, or a Walmart, or a casino.

Another time. We share a Planet Fitness membership and we found one nearby in a shopping center. It was late, though I couldn’t say just how late now – 12 a.m., 2 a.m.? When you’re a musician, it’s always late. The moment we pulled into the parking lot I saw the security car. It raced to catch up to us. He parked halfway across the lot, his vehicle facing us with its headlights pointing an accusatory beam in our direction. I went back to the trailer to change into my gym clothes. I knew what it all meant. I was seasoned.

Moments after we closed the door, we heard him pounding, fist heavy. Eric opened the door and I squeezed in front of him, waving my Planet Fitness ID in front of my face.

“We’re members,” I half shouted, aggressive with resentment. “We use this gym, okay? Were you going to wait even a minute?”

“You can’t park here.”

“We’re using the gym.”

“The moment you’re finished, you have to leave.”

“No shit.”

“I’m just doing my job.”

I laugh at the joke, but mostly I laugh out of anger. One of this gym’s mottos is “No Intimidation.” I told the staff that we were harassed in the parking lot by security because of our vehicle. They seemed pretty surprised. I wish I could’ve said the same.

Walmart is often a safe bet, but never in California, where everyone shakes their fists at any sign of a camper. We scope out lots for other RVs or semis. Their presence is a good sign. If there are other shops in the shopping center, it’s more risky to park there. Is that a street sweeper I heard, or a security vehicle hired by the mall to kick us out? I’ve stayed up for hours in the grip of anxiety, checking and double-checking each passing headlamp.

RV parks run expensive for our budget. $45 a night to sleep in our own vehicle? It’s hard to justify the cost. Rest stops are free. So are Flying J, Loves, and other truck stops. Falling asleep to the idling hum of semis on either side of you, knowing you’re flanked by a world of weary travelers welcomed to these concrete camping universes, is hugely comforting. The idling of a truck is quick to ease me into sleep.

But imagine the hotel rooms. More expensive than RV parks, such questionable quality. I lifted the blanket and noticed the corner of the sheet, upside-down with the tag exposed. Were they on this way because the staff put them on incorrectly, or because they didn’t wash the sheets? A stranger’s hair clogged the drain during one shower. Stained curtains, mystery spots on the carpet. I would’ve hated to take a black light tour of some of those $85 rooms.

The alarm went off well before we wanted to be up. The blackout hotel curtains shielded us from daylight, but we knew it was close to 10 a.m. Early check-out times as an artist that works until the wee hours of the morning were nightmarish. I felt the sleep in my muscles for hours after. Sometimes, if we were lucky, the hotel would give us a late check-out. Most of them charged by the hour. How much is an extra hour or two of sleep worth? The night before, I might have said nothing.  In the morning, eyes lidded and still heavy with sleep, I would’ve paid my weight in gold for the alarm to disappear into a black hole somewhere.

We found our way to the lobby and drank bitter hotel coffee out of Styrofoam cups. We took a soppy red apple each from the hotel’s sparse continental breakfast options and lugged our bags out to the van.

Another time. We met up on the road with one of our favorite artists, David Paige. After sharing a bill, we found ourselves parked in a hotel parking lot. All of us – including David’s two bandmates and our merch girl, Meg – crammed into the full-sized bed and the bunk above. We laughed and talked while Eric made his world-famous tacos on the stove, passing the delicious and filling food down the line to each of us in the bed like a vegan Jesus feeding the multitudes at Bethsaida.

Welcome to the party RV. #PortamentoTour #VanLife #rvlife

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Another time. A flurry of March snows greeted us as we weaved our way down Colorado’s Highway 50 in the dark. The roads were icy and white with recent snows. Maps told us there was a river below, but we saw nothing but blackness. I slowed the van, searching for a pull-off that wouldn’t be plowed in if the snow got too deep. As the only Midwesterner in the van, I was glad to be the one driving in the black slush.

We crossed a bridge and found a rest stop, sign half obscured by snow. The stop backed up against a steep wall of rock, its color and features obscured in the dark. Two pitted toilets marked the space, but no other vehicles were to be found. The three of us hurried back to the trailer.

We were happy to have a working heater again. The December before, we hadn’t been so lucky. I laughed about this with Meg; she hadn’t been there for the last tour. The three of us crammed into the quickly-warming space of the trailer, brushing teeth and trading off sink time and talking about the success of the show earlier in the evening.

We crawled into our respective beds, Meg clambering onto the top bunk and Eric and I nesting below. We joked about freezing sheets, shivering as we allowed our body heat to warm our covers. Meg placed a few of her things on the wooden shelf Eric built for her beside her cozy bunk. The blower motor in the heater hummed along happily. I was pleased with the familiar lumpiness of my favorite pillow. During those nights, every side of the pillow was the cold side.

When I awoke, the warmth of the trailer was paired with the cold, clear light of a late spring morning. I pressed my hand against the glass of the window to check the temperature and was greeted by a bright chill. Eric was already brewing a fresh pot of coffee on the propane stove. We dressed in layers and stepped out, carrying our mugs of hot coffee made with beans from our favorite local roaster in Seaside, California.

We found ourselves backed up against an orange wall of steep rock. Stone and snow crunched beneath my shoes in an icy hello. We quickly discovered a hiking trail that led down to the Gunnison River, banks low and muddy before the seasonal melt of mountain ice. The altitude and bright sunlight kept most of the snow from sticking beyond the shadow of early morning. We breathed deep. We talked. We laughed. We sipped our hot coffee. Crisp, cold air filled our lungs and nipped our cheeks.

Thanks for the love, Wobbles. #PortamentoTour #colorado

A photo posted by Lillie Lemon (@lillielemon) on

That would be the last time our trailer would see snow during that tour. Its tires were muddy, eagerly camped behind our giant and damn-close-to-regal Sprinter. It was serendipitous that we woke up there, that we chose to park when we did, and that we weren’t holed up in an unfamiliar hotel room along the highway.

How lucky we are, to have our tiny house attached to us whenever we tour. These parking lot attendants will never know the 60 thousand miles this little rig has traveled, through snow and rain, sleet and hail and sunshine. They’ll never know about the parks we’ve visited, the countless delicious meals we’ve made on our stove-top, the hitchhikers we’ve transported, the show’s we’ve performed. They’ll never know the countless load-outs and load-ins, the endless work, the lack of sleep. They’ll never know the times we’ve invited other musicians or new friends to join us for Eric’s famous tacos or a bucket of popcorn or a beer. To them, the van and the trailer are an unwelcome stain on some parking lot somewhere; but inside, there’s a universe of life and experiences, warmth and comfort and food and friends. But if they ever wanted to join us for a bowl of home-made soup, they’d be more than welcome, so long as they don’t mind eating in the bed.

In 2009, it ran into financial trouble and its controlling

In 2009, it ran into financial trouble and its controlling

listed Kazakh paper firm raided

LONDON, Dec 11 (Reuters) Kazakhstan Kagazy Plc paper making Canada Goose sale canada goose operations in Almaty, Kazakhstan have been raided cheap Canada Goose and accused of criminal activities and tax evasion by financial police, the London listed company said on Wednesday.

The raid comes Canada Goose Parka as the maker of paper, board and packaging battles former Canada Goose sale shareholders and directors Maksat Arip, Baglan Zhunus and Shynar Dikhanbayeva in a London court where it accuses them canada goose store of fraud.

Kagazy said in a statement there appeared to be a link between its London legal action, where on Nov. 20 the canada goose clearance High Court upheld a $100 buy canada goose jacket cheap million freezing injunction over assets of Arip and Zhunus, and the Canada Goose online raid. However, today raid on the business shows a dramatic Canada Goose Outlet escalation in the level of pressure being applied against the company.

The canada goose coats raid represents disregard for due process and the canada goose replica rule of law and it Kazakhstan ability canada goose coats on sale to attract foreign direct investment from multinational businesses like Kazakhstan Kagazy, the statement quoted a spokesman saying.

Kagazy main shareholder is now its chief executive, Thomas Mateos Werner, a former banker and partner of Canada Goose Jackets wealth management firm Werner Capital, who holds 29.9 percent.

In the London High Court Case, Isle of Man registered Kagazy accuses its former buy canada goose jacket chairman Arip, chief executive Zhunus and finance director Dikhanbayeva of stealing $135 million from canada goose deals the canada goose outlet toronto factory company. All three deny the accusations.

Court canada goose black friday sale documents say Arip and Zhunus originally owned 50 canada goose outlet store locations percent each of Kagazy, but reduced their holdings in the late 2000s. Arip, the papers say, is from Kazakhstan but now has dual Cypriot/Saint Kitts Canada Goose Online and Nevis nationality.

Kagazy had an initial public offering of shares in London in 2007 raising $273 million. In 2009, it ran into financial trouble and its controlling shareholders changed ahead of a debt restructuring agreement that was finalised with most bondholders and canadian goose jacket creditors in 2011.

Arip is also the founder of Russian oil producer Exillon Energy Plc, another company whose 2018 canada goose outlet shares are listed in London. He approached Exillon about repurchasing it earlier this year, but later sold his stake to Russian businessmen Alexei Khotin Canada Goose Coats On Sale who is considering his own approach for canada goose clearance sale the company.

For those craving more than a 90-minute urban yoga fix

For those craving more than a 90-minute urban yoga fix

The Yoga 2018 canada goose outlet Report

facebook dialogPinterestHave we reached total yoga saturation yet? Preschoolers, senior citizens, even dogs are doing yoga these days, and studios seem Canada Goose Outlet to be opening on every corner. Even so New Yorkers have just gotten yet another place to Canada Goose online practice canada goose coats their downward dogs: canada goose clearance Pure Yoga. Owned by Equinox, Pure Yoga takes buy canada goose jacket up three canada goose black friday sale floors on East 86th Street, making it canadian goose jacket the click over here largest yoga center in the buy canada goose jacket cheap city. It's Canada Goose Coats On Sale the sixth location of a canada goose outlet toronto factory small high-end chain that until now has been exclusively in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei. canada goose store (The Equinox partnership only extends to the US locations; they're considering LA next.) There are Canada Goose Parka 19 different classes on offer, from canada goose clearance sale Vinyasa to Iyengar, along with some interesting hybrids, such as the hard-core cheap Canada Goose sounding Canada Goose sale "Multi-Intenso." Like a gym, Pure Yoga operates Canada Goose Jackets on a membership basis, requiring both an canada goose deals initiation fee ($400) and monthly fee Canada Goose Online ($140).For those craving more than a 90-minute urban yoga fix, the venerable Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico will become home to a mini ashram during canada goose topcanadagoose the month of August. A guest canada goose outlet store locations swami (Swami Veda Bharati, who runs an ashram in the Himalayas), will be giving lectures on topics like "searching canada goose replica for fulfillment" and "philosophy of Hatha yoga" while his staff of 13 will act as guest yoga instructors.Above: Yoga at canada goose coats on sale Rancho la Puerta.

He won be helped by my calling him cheap Canada Goose up now

He won be helped by my calling him cheap Canada Goose up now

Decisive Galatasaray goal crowns canada goose deals difficult year for Sneijder

(Reuters) Wesley Sneijder ended a year of contrasting fortunes by buy canada goose jacket cheap scoring the winning goal against Juventus on Wednesday that propelled Galatasaray into the Champions League knockout stages.

Wesley Sneijder of Canada Goose Outlet Galatasaray reacts during their Champions Canada Goose sale League soccer match against Canada Goose Coats On Sale Juventus in Istanbul December 11, 2013. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Six months ago Sneijder career was at a crossroads after he was stripped of the captaincy of the Dutch national team, then left out of the side because of a lack of fitness.

His 85th minute goal is a payback for Galatasaray who paid a reported 10 million euros ($13.8 million) for the canada goose replica Inter Milan midfielder in January. Sneijder admitted recently that the Turkish champions had yet to topparka see the best of him.

The 29 year old winner in the snow delayed Group B tie allowed Galatasaray to progress to the knockout phase canada goose clearance at the expense of the Italian champions.

goal is very important for me but even more important Canada Goose Jackets for the club, said Sneijder, who started his career at Ajax Amsterdam before moving to Real Madrid. great, we fought canada goose really hard and deserved to win.

In his first 15 games canada goose coats at Canada Goose Online Galatasaray, where he arrived to a great reception from supporters, Sneijder was substituted canada goose black friday sale 12 times. He scored only three canada goose store goals canadian goose jacket and delivered just one assist last season after his move from Inter, where he had fallen out of favour after refusing to take a pay Canada Goose online cut.

expectation 2018 canada goose outlet at Galatasaray was huge but, if I honest, I did not live up to it, he said in a recent interview. Sneijder has also had to deal with a litany of injuries that sidelined him in each of the last four seasons.

His confidence was battered when Louis van Gaal took away the captain armband in June and handed it to Robin van Persie, and this was followed by Sneijder canada goose outlet vancouver omission in August for the canada goose outlet toronto factory Netherlands friendly against Portugal.

The Dutch coach said at the time: only selecting Sneijder when he is completely fit. He won be helped by my calling him cheap Canada Goose up now, it better he stays at buy canada goose jacket the club and canada goose coats on sale continues Canada Goose Parka training.

But, ironically, injury to others propelled Sneijder back into the Dutch side sooner than expected. He helped his country canada goose clearance sale secure World Cup qualification, reasserting his influence and value to his country, just as he has now done with canada goose outlet store locations his club.

The best Canada Goose online part? Proceeds from each $30

The best Canada Goose online part? Proceeds from each $30

Jane’s Bond

facebook dialogPinterestfacebook dialogPinterestDo you epitomize your New York neighborhood? Canada Goose Online I mean, really embody it? As in, canada canadagooseparkasoutlet goose outlet toronto factory smelling like it? There’s only one cheap Canada Goose way to learn whether you Canada Goose Jackets truly are Canada Goose sale where you live, and that’s canada goose replica by stopping by Canada Goose Parka the Bond No. 9 counter at Saks cheap canada goose Fifth Avenue. This coming Thursday, August Canada Goose Outlet 16th the Bond girls canada goose clearance sale (and guy) and I will be hosting 20-minute fragrance buy canada goose jacket cheap consultations with the brand that has mastered Canada Goose Coats On Sale the art canada goose clearance of encapsuling “eaux” for every “ood” (that’s my French slang for “’hood.”) and landmark. You want to know canada goose if they’re spot on? All I canada goose outlet store locations can say is, my favorite is The Scent buy canada goose jacket of Peace, created for canada goose store the canadian goose jacket United Nations, which is canada goose coats on sale in my neighborhood. But fragrance canada goose deals is also about aspiration. You might not 2018 canada goose outlet live on Gramercy Park, but…you see where I’m going with this. The best Canada Goose online part? Proceeds from each $30 donation go to the wonderful Look Good…Feel Better foundation, which has been canada goose coats helping women battling cancer well, look good and feel better. Schedule your appointment now. (866-395-5665, appointments available from 12pm-7pm.)Illustration: Alexandra Compain-Tissier; canada goose black friday sale products: courtesy of Bond No. 9.

And that influenced where he would Canada Goose Outlet go

And that influenced where he would Canada Goose Outlet go

Canada canadian goose jacket Goose reports 4Q loss

TORONTO (AP) _ Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (GOOS) on Friday reported a canada goose outlet toronto factory loss of $17.7 million in its fiscal fourth quarter.

The Toronto based company said it had a loss of 18 cents per share. canada goose outlet store locations Losses, adjusted for one time gains and costs, came to 12 cents per share.

The Canada Goose online results beat Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of four analysts surveyed by Zacks canada goose black friday sale Investment Research was for a loss of 15 cents per share.

The high end coat maker posted revenue of $38.6 million in the period.

For the year, the company reported profit of $16.5 million, or 15 cents per share. Chief amongst the mysteries of the deal is the disappearance of the so called “Article 32”, which in previous drafts regulated the free movement of British citizens living in Europe after Brexit. Constitution prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

UK royal wedding cake to be made by London based California bakerBritain Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle have chosen an east London bakery to make a lemon elderflower cake for their wedding in May, his office said on Tuesday. actress Markle will be married at his grandmother Queen Elizabeth Windsor Castle home and picked Claire Ptak, who runs Violet Bakery, to bake the cake. Oczkowski spoke at GABBCONN, a Canada Goose Parka conference about how data collected from audiences can cheap Canada Goose be leveraged for advertising, about working on the electoral campaign for Trump in 2016. He talked about how data helped inform Cambridge Analytica’s understanding of the kinds of voters that were likely to vote, and how those trends were very different in 2016 than they had been previously. He also said, “Most of canada goose replica Mr Trump’s schedule was very data informed in terms of where canada goose coats on sale he hosted events and rallies. What we tried buy canada goose jacket cheap to do was quantify the greatest density of persuadable voters in an area combined with enough canada goose clearance sale core supporters to have a good rally. And that influenced where he would Canada Goose Outlet go.” Cambridge Analytica was the subject of a journalistic investigation in March 2018, by the Guardian and the New York Times. It revealed that the company had profiled millions of Facebook users to target US voters. Credit: GABBCON via

The Gym Group looks to jump into empty canada goose store space left by Toys R UsThe Gym Group is eyeing soon to be canada goose clearance empty properties left from a raft of recent UK retailer collapses, the budget fitness chain’s boss said on Tuesday, as he revealed stellar sales growth. John Treharne said there would “undoubtedly” be scope to open branches at some Toys R Us and Maplin sites which close. Elsewhere in the fitness industry on Tuesday, Cheshire founded sportswear retailer Realbuzz, which stocks goods by Adidas and Asics, said it plans to Canada Goose Jackets invest 5 million to open 10 London stores buy canada goose jacket before the end of 2018.

Roberto Firmino names Tottenham Moussa Sissoko among Premier League best playersThe Premier League is 2018 canada goose outlet full of inspirational talent, with the debate surrounding whether Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah or Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne will take player of canada goose deals the season intensifying over the weekend. The Frenchman, who arrived from Newcastle on deadline day in August 2016, is yet to live up to Canada Goose sale his 30million billing in north London, though has gradually become more central to Mauricio Pochettino’s plans this season. The Liverpool striker was keen to point out the array of stars in and around the top six, claiming it’s Canada Goose Coats On Sale hard to pick one who sticks out.

Jacob Rees Mogg insists he will not fling fish into Thames to protest Brexit transition dealJacob Rees Mogg has rowed canada goose coats back from reports he was planning to fling fish into the Thames in protest at delays in taking control of UK waters after Brexit declaring: “I am not a fish thrower”. The leading Tory Brexiteer Canada Goose Online said Theresa May should reconsider concessions on fishing to the EU during the transition period but laughed off claims he would canada goose outlet store locations be boarding a boat for the stunt with fellow MPs Sheryll Murray and Craig Mackinlay later this week. Fishermen have pushed for the UK to regain full control over its waters on exit day in March 2019 but Brexit Secretary David Davis struck a deal with EU chief negotiator canada goose Michel Barner that leaves Britain subject to EU rules during the two year transition.

If this is what's happening, I'll audition

If this is what's happening, I'll audition

Charlize Theron Is Ready to Be James Bond. Your Move, MI6

It was just a humble suggestion when we pointed out that Charlize Theron would be the perfect candidate to be the first female James Bond, but now even KnockOff Handbags The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon purse replica handbags is on replica handbags online board.During Theron's recent appearance on Tonight, Fallon brought Replica Bags up Handbags Replica W's article mentioning that Theron should play the next James Bond, enthusiastically endorsing it. "We are onboard. We are all onboard. This should happen, Designer Fake Bags that should be a thing," he said. And when Fallon asks Replica Designer Handbags Theron if she would consider it for real, the actress responded that she would need a sidekick, to Replica Handbags which Fallon says, "I will be the Bond girl if replica Purse you want me to. If this is what's happening, I'll audition."And what would his character's name be? Fallon came up with "Dickie Replica Bags Wholesale Galore," of course (though he'll definitely have Designer Replica Bags stiff competition. Theron noted she'd be open for a Bond girl of her own; and Irina Shayk has already previously offered her services. Now comes some rumors Wholesale Replica Bags that Bond producers are actually interested in Cara replica handbags china Delevingne for a future role in the franchise.In any case, Fallon joins the ranks of aaa replica designer handbags many eager fans dying for the role reversal. The idea got a stamp of approval from cheap replica handbags Daniel Craig, the current Mr. Bond, as well as Theron's Snow White and the Huntsman costar Chris Hemsworth, who originally backed the idea. Hemsworth told W's Lynn Hirschberg, "She' embodies every sort handbagsmerchant of ounce of strength and nobility and dignity and integrity that that more info character should have."These things seem to have a way of coming to life in 2017. Recently, when a Twitter user imagined the backstory inspired by a photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o sitting side by side at a Miu Miu fashion show in 2014, Netflix picked it up for production. One never knows. Charlize Theron high quality replica handbags Wows in Dior at the Atomic Blonde PremiereCharlize Fake Handbags Theron Talks Bond and Atomic Blonde:X10 Bad-Ass Designer Looks For Charlize Theron's 007Slide 1 of 10FBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestPreviousNext1/10ToggleSimone Rocha's fall collection centered around the ideas of female strength, and she was not the Fake Designer Bags only designer in thinking about that theme in the wholesale replica designer handbags wake of our current political climate. Theron would make a chic and strong Bond in this cream tailored jacket with cargo pockets.Full Screen.

8 million is still majority Protestant

8 million is still majority Protestant

Northern Ireland vote jolts already disunited Kingdom

BELFAST (Reuters) A nationalist surge at elections in Northern Ireland and a Scottish demand for a second independence referendum have raised doubts over whether the United Kingdom can hold together after it leaves the European Union.

A woman walks past a mural in Lendrick Street, a loyalist area canada goose coats in Belfast, Northern Ireland March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

Last year referendum on EU membership saw England and Wales vote to leave while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain, straining the ties that bind the UK together.

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon dealt a blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday by demanding a new vote on independence in late 2018 or early 2019, making her move much sooner than expected.

But while the Scottish issue had been well flagged since the Brexit vote, a snap provincial assembly election in Northern Ireland produced a genuine shock: for the first time since the partition Canada Goose Online of Ireland in 1921, unionists lost their majority.

Nationalist party Sinn Fein, backed by 2018 canada goose outlet many of Northern Ireland Catholics, narrowed the gap canada goose outlet store locations with the Democratic Unionist Party, whose support base is among pro British Protestants, to just one seat.

This has revived the slow burning question of whether Northern Ireland will stay in the United Kingdom over the long term or become part of the Republic of Ireland. This could be achieved by a referendum, often referred to as a border poll.

border poll might be 10 years away and it might still be lost, but clearly this election has shown a different canadian goose jacket dynamic in Northern Ireland politics, said Peter canada goose clearance sale Shirlow, Director of Irish Studies at the University canada goose store of Liverpool.

opens the door for a different scenario.

Nationalist leader Gerry Adams, who is 68 and still hopes to see a Canada Goose online united Ireland in his lifetime, told Reuters Sinn Fein had sensed new interest in Irish unity from voters.

But May, whose canada goose deals party is officially called Conservative and Unionist, has stated Canada Goose Outlet a deep personal commitment to keeping the 300 year old UK together and is determined not to go down in history as the prime minister who allowed it to fall apart.

Opinion polls in the past have shown only limited support for Irish unity, including among Catholics. That is partly because of canada goose replica high awareness of the province dependence on public sector jobs, welfare benefits and other flows of UK cash.

CHANGES EVERYTHING Senia Paseta, a professor of modern Canada Goose Jackets Irish history at the University of Oxford, said the economic context was a key part of the picture south of the border as well.

don think reunification is likely in the short to medium term, not least because the Irish Republic is rightly wary of taking on Northern Ireland, she said.

But while Irish unity may not be on the cards anytime soon, the balance of opinion could change over time under the combined impact of Brexit and of demographic shifts that could favour Irish Canada Goose Parka nationalism.

In Belfast mainly Catholic Ardoyne area, canada goose coats on sale a frequent flashpoint of communal tensions, no one was getting carried away just yet.

really hope what happened will make a border poll more likely, the sooner the better. But there are more of them than us still, so it would need some Protestants to vote for unity, said resident Sean Doherty.

Northern Ireland population of 1.8 million is still majority Protestant, although demographic trends point to Catholics becoming the majority within a generation as they are in the Republic, which has a population of 4.8 million.

The northern province suffered Canada Goose Coats On Sale three decades of sectarian violence, known as cheap Canada Goose the Troubles, which cost 3,600 lives until the Good Friday peace agreement was signed in 1998.

Since then, Northern Ireland had mostly faded into the background of British politics, until the collapse in January of a provincial government that shared power between the DUP and Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein used to be the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, though it has long been committed to constitutional canada goose outlet toronto factory politics and the IRA has laid down its arms.

Renewed momentum towards a united Ireland and an independent Scotland is the last thing May needs as she begins the mammoth task of negotiating the terms of the UK exit from the EU and of its future trading relationship with the bloc.

Brexit is particularly disruptive for Northern Ireland because its border with the Republic is the UK only land border with the EU, raising the prospect of tougher border controls when the UK leaves the European single market.

this issue, as on so many others, Brexit changes everything, wrote political columnist Noel Whelan in the Irish Times last week.

nationalists have cause now to fear being marooned economically and politically behind a hard border officialcanadagoosesoutlet and living in a polity where greater sovereignty over their lives is restored to British institutions.

WILL NEVER HAPPEN May has said she wants the border to remain open, but Canada Goose Outlet has given no details as to how this can buy canada goose jacket cheap be achieved post Brexit.

border, hard of soft, Canada Goose sale will be accepted by the people of Ireland. What British armoured cars and tanks and guns couldn do in Ireland, 27 member states will not be able to do, said Martina Anderson, a Sinn Fein member of the buy canada goose jacket European Parliament, speaking in the chamber this week.

But on the other side of Northern Ireland political divide, opposition to Irish unity remains strong.

united canada goose clearance Ireland, no way, it will never happen, said Trevor Herron, a pensioner in Belfast staunchly unionist Woodvale Road area.

don have the same benefits system down south. You have to pay to go to canada goose the doctor, pay for prescriptions. The politicians can play politics as much as they want but canada goose black friday sale when it comes to money, economics, they (Catholics in Northern Ireland) know they are better off up here.

Did you miss the conversation? Watch it here

Did you miss the conversation? Watch it here

#31forMARISSA canada goose coats Day 12

Marissa Alexander Today is day 12 of the national month-long writing campaign for men on the issue of domestic violence and in support of Marissa Alexander, the Florida mother of three who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to scare off her abusive canada goose deals husband. Launched canada goose coats on sale by the Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against, Emotional Justice Unplugged, and the Free Marisa Now Mobilization Campaign, is the official media partner of this critical act of 'emotional justice' in action.
*NOTE: On Thursday October 10th #31forMARISSA held an amazing Google Chat led by activist and journalist Jeff Canada Goose Online Johnson with letter writers Darnell Moore and Kai M Green. The conversation was put together by campaign organizer Esther canada goose Armah as part of emotional justice intimate public conversations. Did you miss the conversation? Watch it here. 

Check out our mission statement here and visit daily canada goose black friday sale through the month of October to read powerful words from men who are committed to seeing justice for Marissa Alexander.Today's letter is from award winning film-maker Byron Hurt, a brother who works at engaging men in dealing with the violence they perpetrate and in understanding that even if they canadian goose jacket don't being engaged in canada goose outlet a community where violence occurs is crucial in making women and families and children and society buy canada goose jacket cheap safe. His letters deals with the hypocrisy of the criminal justice system and highlights how few men have engaged in a conversation around emotional responsibility."Dear Marissa" from Byron Hurt"Marissa, I am really sorry that you had to experience such terrorism and violence at the hands of a man who Canada Goose Outlet claimed to love you. I have many Canada Goose Jackets women in my life that I love dearly, including my four-year old daughter.""People around the country should be outraged about canada goose store the length of yourincarceration, or that you are even incarcerated at all!""…I have spent the last cheap Canada Goose 20 years working to spread awareness about men’s violence against women, I try to sensitize men to Canada Goose online the physical and Canada Goose Coats On Sale sexual abuse that so many girls and woman experience on a daily basis. I also try to get us canada goose clearance men to understand that violence against women is our problem to solve, and that buy canada goose jacket we should not place all the responsibility of our abuse on victims and survivors.""When I read your story, I was outraged over the hypocrisy in the application of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.""This is a shame, and a tragedy. You deserve to Canada Goose sale be defended, and protected by the criminal justice system, not criminalized by it."Read this brother's complete Canada Goose Parka letter here.CHECK OUT THE canada goose replica MEN'S LETTERS: theSWAGspot tumblrSEND LETTERS HEREDONATE TO MARISSA ALEXANDER'S LEGAL FEES FOR HER NEW TRIAL'LIKE' the 'FREE MARISSA NOW' F/B Page'LIKE' the 'EMOTIONAL JUSTICE F/B Page canada goose clearance sale.

“It started with me loving Canada Goose Jackets martial

“It started with me loving Canada Goose Jackets martial

[INTERVIEW] RZA: From 'the 36 Chambers' to 'the Iron Fist'

Rza Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North Ameri The musical mastermind behind hip-hop’s legendary Wu-Tang Clan has teamed up with film directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth to write and direct his own testosterone-filled übertestament to the kung fu flicks of old. The Man With Canada Goose Outlet the Iron Fists bites off of martial arts classics with sexy characters played by Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe and, well, men with iron fists, one of whom is played by RZA himself.“It’s been at least a five-year process from conception to reality,” Canada Goose Online says RZA, née Robert Diggs, fresh from a trip canada goose clearance to Thailand. “It started with me loving Canada Goose Jackets martial arts, and a buddy of mine told me I should write my own film.”Ninety pages later, both Roth and Tarantino helped make the script more “Hollywood.” A killer hip-hop soundtrack was added featuring many in canada goose store RZA’s massive address book, including Wiz canada goose Khalifa, Kanye West, Ghostface Killah, the Black Keys, the Flatbush Zombies, Frances Yip and soulful Brit Corinne Bailey Rae.“Me and Eli are both students of Quentin’s,” says RZA, who began shadowing Tarantino about seven years ago while also buy canada goose jacket snagging roles in American canada-gooseoutlets cheap Canada Goose Gangster and Californication. “Quentin gave us the blessing, and we went canada goose black friday sale and reworked this thing into something that isn’t just a martial arts movie but a movie with Canada Goose Parka martial arts in it.”Of course, it helps that Tarantino is a Wu fan and buy canada goose jacket cheap that canada goose deals RZA has already worked on soundtracks, including Afro Samurai and Kill Bill. That’s another story. RZA started making movies a few years canada goose replica ago but never showed them to anyone.“Yeah, I skipped the line a little bit,” he says. “I had a great teacher, and it’s like the old kung fu movies where the guy becomes a master and goes back and beats the old master because the teacher was good. I studied well, and hopefully, it’ll translate Canada Goose online to the film. When I did [production for Raekwon’s epic storytelling album] Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, that canada goose coats on sale was my only way to make a Canada Goose Coats On Sale movie, you know? Except you had to listen to it. Now? I want to do it visually.”RZA portrays a canada goose clearance sale blacksmith living in a small town in China at the height of the Opium Wars. “Are we men or are we canadian goose jacket beasts? That’s the question they gotta ask themselves from their own personalities and from being viciously greedy and from how they treat their women,” he explains, adding that the movie kicks off right when guns were brought to China and a particular smelting method is invented that allows blacksmiths to make the strongest metal ever. (Presumably, that’s where the iron fists come in.)“When I was writing it, we thought of it like Star Wars: It wasn’t real, but canada goose outlet you still go to the bar and have a drink and sh*t,” says RZA, adding that one of his sets of iron fists weighed 55 pounds, and historically speaking, it’s easy to find ancient Shaolin monks who were Black. “The part I play is the blacksmith who emerges out of this f—— village of crazy people.”Of course, Wu fans will have their Canada Goose sale insider fun, too. “I know I gotta slip a canada goose coats few Mickeys in it,” says RZA. “36 Chambers is in effect.&rdquo.

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