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A Story of Living in a Trailer.

A Story of Living in a Trailer.

Our Skamper's just a little bit dirty. #colorado #winter #VanLife

A photo posted by Lillie Lemon (@lillielemon) on

I awoke with a start to the rattle and bang at the door. I sat up and pulled the blanket around me. I was dreaming before, images quickly escaping to the rhythm of my jolted heart. Headlights infiltrated the covered windows and left unwelcome stains upon the bed. A voice penetrated our private cocoon.

“Hey! Hey, you can’t sleep here!” Bang, bang, bang. Flashlight. Security guard, cop?

Eric threw on a pair of jeans and went to the door, rubbing his face, already resigned. He opened the latch and a flashlight beam struck an exposed shelf loaded with pots and pans.

“There weren’t any signs.”

“You can’t sleep here.”

“We were waiting for them to open.”

“No overnight parking.”

“We’ll move,” he muttered, and closed the door.

I worked my body into some clothes, already feeling the chill of the night air from Eric’s brief interaction with the security guard. Those lights still stabbing into the trailer, we didn’t need to turn on any of our own. I half stumbled to the van and we drove to another spot. It’s hard to remember during those times how long a certain drive might take – a strange combination of fear and exhaustion set in and time got fuzzy. We might have found a rest stop far enough up the line, or a Walmart, or a casino.

Another time. We share a Planet Fitness membership and we found one nearby in a shopping center. It was late, though I couldn’t say just how late now – 12 a.m., 2 a.m.? When you’re a musician, it’s always late. The moment we pulled into the parking lot I saw the security car. It raced to catch up to us. He parked halfway across the lot, his vehicle facing us with its headlights pointing an accusatory beam in our direction. I went back to the trailer to change into my gym clothes. I knew what it all meant. I was seasoned.

Moments after we closed the door, we heard him pounding, fist heavy. Eric opened the door and I squeezed in front of him, waving my Planet Fitness ID in front of my face.

“We’re members,” I half shouted, aggressive with resentment. “We use this gym, okay? Were you going to wait even a minute?”

“You can’t park here.”

“We’re using the gym.”

“The moment you’re finished, you have to leave.”

“No shit.”

“I’m just doing my job.”

I laugh at the joke, but mostly I laugh out of anger. One of this gym’s mottos is “No Intimidation.” I told the staff that we were harassed in the parking lot by security because of our vehicle. They seemed pretty surprised. I wish I could’ve said the same.

Walmart is often a safe bet, but never in California, where everyone shakes their fists at any sign of a camper. We scope out lots for other RVs or semis. Their presence is a good sign. If there are other shops in the shopping center, it’s more risky to park there. Is that a street sweeper I heard, or a security vehicle hired by the mall to kick us out? I’ve stayed up for hours in the grip of anxiety, checking and double-checking each passing headlamp.

RV parks run expensive for our budget. $45 a night to sleep in our own vehicle? It’s hard to justify the cost. Rest stops are free. So are Flying J, Loves, and other truck stops. Falling asleep to the idling hum of semis on either side of you, knowing you’re flanked by a world of weary travelers welcomed to these concrete camping universes, is hugely comforting. The idling of a truck is quick to ease me into sleep.

But imagine the hotel rooms. More expensive than RV parks, such questionable quality. I lifted the blanket and noticed the corner of the sheet, upside-down with the tag exposed. Were they on this way because the staff put them on incorrectly, or because they didn’t wash the sheets? A stranger’s hair clogged the drain during one shower. Stained curtains, mystery spots on the carpet. I would’ve hated to take a black light tour of some of those $85 rooms.

The alarm went off well before we wanted to be up. The blackout hotel curtains shielded us from daylight, but we knew it was close to 10 a.m. Early check-out times as an artist that works until the wee hours of the morning were nightmarish. I felt the sleep in my muscles for hours after. Sometimes, if we were lucky, the hotel would give us a late check-out. Most of them charged by the hour. How much is an extra hour or two of sleep worth? The night before, I might have said nothing.  In the morning, eyes lidded and still heavy with sleep, I would’ve paid my weight in gold for the alarm to disappear into a black hole somewhere.

We found our way to the lobby and drank bitter hotel coffee out of Styrofoam cups. We took a soppy red apple each from the hotel’s sparse continental breakfast options and lugged our bags out to the van.

Another time. We met up on the road with one of our favorite artists, David Paige. After sharing a bill, we found ourselves parked in a hotel parking lot. All of us – including David’s two bandmates and our merch girl, Meg – crammed into the full-sized bed and the bunk above. We laughed and talked while Eric made his world-famous tacos on the stove, passing the delicious and filling food down the line to each of us in the bed like a vegan Jesus feeding the multitudes at Bethsaida.

Welcome to the party RV. #PortamentoTour #VanLife #rvlife

A video posted by Lillie Lemon (@lillielemon) on

Another time. A flurry of March snows greeted us as we weaved our way down Colorado’s Highway 50 in the dark. The roads were icy and white with recent snows. Maps told us there was a river below, but we saw nothing but blackness. I slowed the van, searching for a pull-off that wouldn’t be plowed in if the snow got too deep. As the only Midwesterner in the van, I was glad to be the one driving in the black slush.

We crossed a bridge and found a rest stop, sign half obscured by snow. The stop backed up against a steep wall of rock, its color and features obscured in the dark. Two pitted toilets marked the space, but no other vehicles were to be found. The three of us hurried back to the trailer.

We were happy to have a working heater again. The December before, we hadn’t been so lucky. I laughed about this with Meg; she hadn’t been there for the last tour. The three of us crammed into the quickly-warming space of the trailer, brushing teeth and trading off sink time and talking about the success of the show earlier in the evening.

We crawled into our respective beds, Meg clambering onto the top bunk and Eric and I nesting below. We joked about freezing sheets, shivering as we allowed our body heat to warm our covers. Meg placed a few of her things on the wooden shelf Eric built for her beside her cozy bunk. The blower motor in the heater hummed along happily. I was pleased with the familiar lumpiness of my favorite pillow. During those nights, every side of the pillow was the cold side.

When I awoke, the warmth of the trailer was paired with the cold, clear light of a late spring morning. I pressed my hand against the glass of the window to check the temperature and was greeted by a bright chill. Eric was already brewing a fresh pot of coffee on the propane stove. We dressed in layers and stepped out, carrying our mugs of hot coffee made with beans from our favorite local roaster in Seaside, California.

We found ourselves backed up against an orange wall of steep rock. Stone and snow crunched beneath my shoes in an icy hello. We quickly discovered a hiking trail that led down to the Gunnison River, banks low and muddy before the seasonal melt of mountain ice. The altitude and bright sunlight kept most of the snow from sticking beyond the shadow of early morning. We breathed deep. We talked. We laughed. We sipped our hot coffee. Crisp, cold air filled our lungs and nipped our cheeks.

Thanks for the love, Wobbles. #PortamentoTour #colorado

A photo posted by Lillie Lemon (@lillielemon) on

That would be the last time our trailer would see snow during that tour. Its tires were muddy, eagerly camped behind our giant and damn-close-to-regal Sprinter. It was serendipitous that we woke up there, that we chose to park when we did, and that we weren’t holed up in an unfamiliar hotel room along the highway.

How lucky we are, to have our tiny house attached to us whenever we tour. These parking lot attendants will never know the 60 thousand miles this little rig has traveled, through snow and rain, sleet and hail and sunshine. They’ll never know about the parks we’ve visited, the countless delicious meals we’ve made on our stove-top, the hitchhikers we’ve transported, the show’s we’ve performed. They’ll never know the countless load-outs and load-ins, the endless work, the lack of sleep. They’ll never know the times we’ve invited other musicians or new friends to join us for Eric’s famous tacos or a bucket of popcorn or a beer. To them, the van and the trailer are an unwelcome stain on some parking lot somewhere; but inside, there’s a universe of life and experiences, warmth and comfort and food and friends. But if they ever wanted to join us for a bowl of home-made soup, they’d be more than welcome, so long as they don’t mind eating in the bed.

Michigan is one of 47 states that have a winner-takes-all rule

Michigan is one of 47 states that have a winner-takes-all rule

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For at least nine days in December replica handbags , Michigan lawmakers will meet for what’s otherwise known as their “lame-duck” session before newly elected members take office in January. The best thing they can do is pass a comprehensive plan to increase funding for roads and transit. Just last week, a regional planning agency reported that nearly 2,000 miles of roads in Southeast Michigan should be torn up and rebuilt — up more than 500 miles than the year before. The worst thing they can do is use those days to try to enact controversial changes in things like the allocation of Michigan’s Electoral College votes in presidential elections. Many may be surprised to learn that it’s up to states how they allocate their specific electoral votes. Michigan is one of 47 states that have a winner-takes-all rule. Some Republicans would like to change that. The Metropolitan Affairs Coalition — a coalition of business, labor and government leaders in Southeast Michigan — went on record last Friday opposing any change in the lame-duck session. Such a change , the MAC board said, requires significant study. We agree.

No call for lame-duck action in Michigan Capitol

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The department is built to draw new B2B focused clients and

The department is built to draw new B2B focused clients and

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Iris is looking to capture B2B clients with the launch of a specially created department called Work Life.The department is built to draw new B2B focused clients and support those already in the network , with the proposition that it will draw talent and expertise from business consultancy arm iris Concise, and from recent acquisitions and investments Founded, Pepper and Unrival.Richard Perry, partner, Iris, said: “We’re launching Work Life as an open invitation to bright and ambitious business marketers who aspire for their brands to become much more than just a credible choice in their categories, but who want greater clarity and creativity of thought prada , a better blend of capability and more agility of action to help them realize the commercial benefits of building a ‘participation brand’”.Work Life will be led by Iris partners Richard Perry and Richard Mabbot in London, with centres in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Munich, Singapore and Sydney.This article is about: World, B2b, Marketing, AgencyIrisYou won’t catch us or our clients playing it safe. Iris. For the forward.Find out more

Iris underlines B2B commitment with the launch of Work Life

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Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, said the examination of

Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, said the examination of

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Autopsy results and a scientific analysis showed the silver carp, which was caught June 22, was a 4-year-old male that originated in the Illinois/Middle Mississippi watershed. TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – An adult Asian carp found in a Chicago waterway near Lake Michigan this summer began its life far downstream and apparently got around a series of electric barriers intended to keep the invasive species out of the Great Lakes, officials said Friday.Autopsy results and a scientific analysis showed the silver carp , which was caught June 22, was a 4-year-old male that originated in the Illinois/Middle Mississippi watershed, according to the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee, a coalition of government agencies.It could have hatched anywhere along a roughly 200-mile stretch of the Illinois River before migrating northwest, said Charlie Wooley, the Midwest deputy regional director for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It spent time in the Des Plaines River before finding its way to the Little Calumet River just 9 miles (14 kilometers) from the lake, where a fisherman landed it.The only way the carp could have gotten there was to evade three barriers in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal some 37 miles (60 kilometers) from Lake Michigan, Wooley said. But it’s unclear how that happened.The barriers emit powerful electric pulses designed to repel carp that get too close or knock them out and possibly kill them if they don’t turn back.An earlier study raised the possibility that small fish could be pulled through the electric field in the wake of passing barges and survive.Yet scientists who conducted a chemical analysis of the carp’s inner ear bones to determine which waters it had been in concluded the fish had spent no more than a few weeks to a few months in the stretch of river where it was found. It was fully grown, measuring 28 inches long and weighing 8 pounds.”We’re pretty darn confident a fish of this size would be incapacitated going through” the barriers, Wooley said, adding, “We’re baffled and we just don’t know how it got there.”Aside from the carp swimming through, another possibility is someone moved it past the barriers — intentionally or otherwise, said Kevin Irons, aquatic nuisance species program manager for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The fish might have jumped onto a boat and been carried past the barriers, then thrown out by an occupant who didn’t realize what type it was, he said.The analysis was conducted by experts with Southern Illinois University, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey.The fish was only the second live Asian carp ever caught past the barriers; the other was in 2010. The find gave fresh ammunition to critics who question the effectiveness of the government’s strategy for protecting the lakes. A search of the area where it was captured turned up no others.”It confirms what we’ve known all along — those electric barriers are not foolproof and additional protections are needed,” said Molly Flanagan of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a Chicago-based environmental group.Scientists warn that bighead and silver carp, both imported from Asia decades ago, could out-compete native species for food if they become established in the Great Lakes, where commercial and sport fishing are worth billions of dollars annually.Environmental groups and officials in some of the region’s states, including Michigan, have called for separating the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds by installing dams or other physical barriers in the Chicago waterways.Officials and industry leaders in Illinois and Indiana oppose that, saying it would disrupt freight shipping on the busy waterway.The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers this month released a report calling for $275 million in technological and structural upgrades at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam near Joliet , Illinois, part of the aquatic chain that connects Lake Michigan to the Asian carp-infested Mississippi River watershed.Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, said the examination of the silver carp proved it had gone past Brandon Road during its upstream journey.”Time is of the essence to both implement a permanent solution and take immediate steps to stop Asian carp from reaching our Great Lakes,” Stabenow said.Wooley said the discovery of the single carp past the barriers doesn’t mean they are ineffective.”It just shows we’ve got to be constantly on our toes, sampling the system and learning about the system to make sure the fish don’t get ahead of us,” he said.

Asian carp found near Lake Michigan got past barriers

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”It’s one of the many behind-the-scenes looks at

”It’s one of the many behind-the-scenes looks at

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It’s a muggy August night in Beijing, and Usain Bolt has just conquered the world yet again by claiming a gold medal at the 2015 IAAF World Track & Field Championships.How does the sprinter celebrate? A brutally cold ice bath in a Beijing hotel room.“S–t’s about to get real,” he says, before gingerly submerging his legs into a hotel tub filled with ice water. He winces. More ice is added to the tub.“This is my celebration,” Bolt says, completely deadpan. “More ice. So much fun , right? No it’s not.”It’s one of the many behind-the-scenes looks at the Jamaican’s training routine in I Am Bolt, the new documentary about his astounding career—nine gold medals nike shoes sale , eight world records, 11 world championships—and his life as the fastest man in the world. Directed by Gabe and Ben Turner, I Am Bolt offers a rare look at the Jamaican superstar’s training routine, alongside the glamorous (cheering fans, national hero status) and not-so-glamorous aspects (ice baths) of being a world-class sprinter.Bolt’s take on the latter? “Listen, man: True champions take ice baths.” (Science disagrees—but seeing as Bolt went on to win golds in the 200 and the 4×100, we’re not gonna argue with him.)See I Am Bolt in theaters and Digital HD now, or get it on DVD starting December 6.

'I Am Bolt' in Beijing

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Undercover cops arrest cybercriminal who targeted Just Eat in dramatic train raid after he sold customers’ stolen details on web

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This is the dramatic moment a computer criminal dubbed ‘Courvoisier’ was arrested for carrying out cyber attacks on some of Britain’s top companies and selling customers’ data aaa replica designer handbags on the Designer Replica Bags dark web.

Grant Fake Designer Bags West, 25, attempted replica handbags online to get hold of the personal data of 165,000 people by sending out an email pretending to be from Just Eat.

Newly released footage shows West high quality replica handbags being seized by officers Replica Designer Handbags in the act of accessing the dark web in Wholesale Replica Bags a first class train carriage KnockOff Handbags in September last Replica Bags year after months of surveillance.

high replica bags He had been returning from a trip to visit his girlfriend and co defendant 26 year old Rachael Brooks in north Wales. high replica bags

Just Eat have said no financial information was obtained in West’s fraud but Designer Fake Bags pegged the cost of combating the attack at more than

West used the information as part of a phishing Fake Handbags campaign in a bid to obtain identity details known as “Fullz”.

best replica bags online Using the stolen email addresses, West and his associates sent out emails designed to look like they came from Just Eat with offers of cash rewards in exchange for customers filling out a cheap replica handbags survey. best replica bags online

Respondents were asked to confirm personal emails and supply extra details in order to obtain purse replica handbags the cash reward, which was then harvested by West.

The information, which included everything needed to make purchases online, was then advertised and sold to customers from his dark web shop.

West, who used the online identity ‘Courvoisier’, also sold cannabis, which was delivered to customers.

Much of his business was carried out using Bitcoins the valuable cryptocurrency.

replica bags china He was due to be sentenced on Wednesday, but the Replica Bags Wholesale sentencing was adjourned until May 25. replica bags china

replica bags online Beside him in Handbags Replica the dock was mother of one Ms Replica Handbags Brooks. replica bags online

She admitted using the details of two of West’s victims to buy herself a bikini online.

(Image: PA)

buy replica bags online Handing her a community order, Judge Michael Gledhill QC acknowledged that she was vulnerable after the end of a previous relationship, saying “you fell into the arms of a villain and a rogue”. buy replica bags online

But he criticised her, saying: “You, knowing what he has done, are clearly still in a relationship with him”.

replica designer bags wholesale He said she knew “perfectly well” the details had been stolen and she had no right to use them, adding “you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself”. replica designer bags wholesale

best replica designer Police surveillance of West’s operations revealed he was also selling details harvested from US and Australian citizens, account details of various other replica bags companies and even his own guide on how to replica Purse carry out a cyber fraud. best replica designer

When the first site was taken down by the wholesale replica designer handbags FBI, he set it up elsewhere on the dark web to keep his business going.

high quality replica bags West, who was living in a caravan park in Sheerness in Kent, built up huge caches of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in online “wallets”. high quality replica bags

He also had in cash which was seized by police during a raid on his home.

The Bitcoin wallets were later emptied by a person who has never been traced investigators estimate they would have been worth million at its current valuation.

He admitted conspiracy to defraud Just Eat and its customers along with a string of other charges related to his dark web shop at Southwark Crown Court in December.

A charge states West launched “brute force” attacks against 17 different websites using specialist software in a bid to obtain personal information.

replica wallets Companies attacked included supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury’s, bookmakers Ladbrokes and Coral, and internet based firms, such as Groupon and Uber replica wallets.

Bill Huizenga, a Zeeland Republican, pledged to seek full

Bill Huizenga, a Zeeland Republican, pledged to seek full

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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative budget would be cut from $300 million to $30 millionPlan shifts responsibility to statesThe Obama-era plan deals with pollution in the freshwater system For a second consecutive year, President Donald Trump is trying to drastically reduce or eliminate federal support of cleanups for iconic U.S. waterways including the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay.Trump’s proposed 2019 budget for the Environmental Protection Agency released Monday would cut funding by 90 percent for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative — an Obama-era plan for dealing with pervasive pollution in the world’s biggest surface freshwater system — and a similar program for Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary.It would remove all EPA funding of cleanup programs for the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Champlain, Long Island Sound, San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound and South Florida, including the Everglades and Keys. The administration’s EPA spending plan said the agency would “encourage state, tribal and local entities to continue to make progress” in those places.The administration sought to zero out spending on the regional water initiatives in its first budget a year ago, describing them as “primarily local efforts” and contending state and local governments were capable of paying for them.But Congress decided otherwise, illustrating the popularity of the cleanups among lawmakers of both parties and voters who want progress on long-standing problems such as toxic algae that fouls beaches, invasive species that starve out native fish, and industrial toxins embedded in river bottoms.The Great Lakes program is the largest, taking in about $300 million annually since it was established in 2010. Trump’s budget would give it $30 million. Chesapeake Bay, which is getting nearly $73 million this year, would receive $7.3 million. The other programs receive significantly less federal funding.Supporters pledged another fight to keep them intact.U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, denounced the proposed Great Lakes cuts as “outrageous.” Rep. Bill Huizenga, a Zeeland Republican, pledged to seek full funding of the initiative, which he said boosts the economy and environment of an eight-state region extending from New York to Minnesota.”Why the Trump administration would continue to try to slash funding for the world’s most important freshwater resource is beyond my comprehension,” said Mike Shriberg, regional director for the National Wildlife Federation.The Chesapeake Bay program, which dates to 1983, has accelerated in recent years in the watershed’s six states and Washington 49thscoutgroup , D.C., with adoption of pollution reduction targets. Trump’s budget would provide money for water quality monitoring but none for cleanup work, advocates said.”A cut of this magnitude would severely damage Bay restoration efforts best hermes replicas belts , just at a time when we are seeing significant progress,” Chesapeake Bay Foundation President William Baker said.EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox declined comment.

Trump plan would cut Great Lakes cleanup budget by 90%

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There are few things more powerful than when a brand is able

There are few things more powerful than when a brand is able

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To celebrate the Ad Club of New York’s 120th anniversary, The Drum is inviting readers to share their favorite marketing moments from the past 120 years. Arby's Today’s marketing moment was chosen by Maurice Bernstein, co-founder and CEO of experience brand agency Giant Step. Below, why out why Arby’s tweet about Pharrell Williams’ hat during the 2014 Grammy’s is one of his favorite marketing moments. There are few things more powerful than when a brand is able to own a cultural moment and change the conversation.For that reason, Arby’s tweet about Pharrell Williams’ hat at the 2014 Grammy’s is a personal favorite. It wasn’t manufactured or pre-planned, but Arby’s very savvy social team understood the cultural relevance of this moment and was able to authentically and cleverly tie what was happening back to the brand, insert themselves into the conversation and get everyone talking and tweeting about it.They didn’t pay Pharrell to wear that hat, or for advertising around the Grammy’s, but they recognized the importance of reacting quickly and seizing opportunities at the start of a buzzed-about event to put the brand in the spotlight. Suddenly , the social community was more focused on Arby’s than the performances and awards that night, and it didn’t cost them a dime. It was an innovative, effective and clever way of putting the brand front and center, right at the pace of culture.See the full 120 Marketing Moments in the dedicated online section and find out how to purchase the exclusive book.This article is about: United States, Arby’s, Pharrell Williams, Marketing Moments , Social Media, Marketing

2014: Arby's dominates Grammy's conversation with Pharrell Williams' 'Hat' tweet

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Isaacson, a former managing editor at Time magazine and

Isaacson, a former managing editor at Time magazine and

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Walter Isaacson LANSING — Walter Isaacson, president and CEO of The Aspen Institute uk fake hermes belts , will speak at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference this spring, the chamber said Thursday.Isaacson, a former managing editor at Time magazine and chairman and CEO of CNN, will speak June 1 about disruption and collaboration, particularly in terms of connected technology and growing economic opportunity in the state, the chamber said.The Washington, D.C.-based Aspen Institute focuses on educational and policy studies.Confirmed conference speakers thus far include Stephanie Cutter thealpineapartment , a former senior adviser to President Obama and a political commentator on CNN, and Nicolle Wallace, a former White House communications director and conservative political analyst on MSNBC. They will talk about the United States’ political outlook in a moderated panel discussion.Winning the race in connected technology, increasing economic opportunity and restoring civility in American politics will be the three themes at this year’s Mackinac conference.The 2017 event is scheduled from May 30 to June 2 on Mackinac Island. Related LinksAuthor Michael Beschloss among 4 new speakers for Mackinac Policy Conference

Aspen Institute CEO Walter Isaacson to speak at Mackinac conference

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where’s evelyn taft

We are convinced We Are Pi’s approach makes it a perfect fit

We are convinced We Are Pi’s approach makes it a perfect fit

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Heineken has tasked We Are Pi with bolstering the positioning of its tequila-flavoured Desperados beer among younger drinkers. The agency will serve as the beer’s lead global communications agency, responsible for crafting digital interactive experiences and social activations. We Are Pi replaces Wieden & Kennedy, which had overseen the brand worldwide from its Amsterdam officesince 2010.Walter Drenth, senior global director of international brands at Heineken, said: “Desperados is a beer born with tequila – this unique proposition defines the brand’s challenging attitude. We were looking for a fresh creative partner with profound understanding of our target audience and the bold attitude which the brand deserves. We are convinced We Are Pi’s approach makes it a perfect fit with our brand philosophy.”The appointment comes just days after the brewer announced it will no longer sell Desperados in the US, marking the end of a failed experiment it launched in 2014. Desperados, which is sold in 85 markets, has proven a hit in markets like Latin America and Asia. This article is about: World handbags fake , Heineken rotterdamtrojans , Desperados, Digital, Food & Drink

Heineken names We Are Pi as global lead for Desperados tequila-flavoured beer

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