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The chips are flavored like the fast-food chain’s signature

The chips are flavored like the fast-food chain’s signature

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Taco Bell will begin selling three varieties of tortilla chips in grocery and convenience stores this May.The chips are flavored like the fast-food chain’s signature line of hot sauce packets. The Mild version includes “hints of three chili peppers and cumin prada replica ,” while Fire is seasoned with jalapeño, chili peppers and paprika.For those who don’t like spice, a Classic version will also be available.”This launch of our first line of sauce packet-inspired chips gives our fans a new way to access a taste of Taco Bell,” said Marisa Thalberg, chief brand officer of Taco Bell, in a statement. ”Our sauce packets are one of the brand’s most unique aspects and were the natural choice for both the flavors and packaging of our tortilla chips.”In partnership with Kraft, Taco Bell sells a line of grocery products that includes taco dinner kits, salsas and refried beans. The brand’s chips are not part of its Kraft partnership. This article is about: North America, Advertising, Marketing, BrandTaco BellFind out more

Taco Bell is rolling out Dorito-esque tortilla chips in grocery stores

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Takaki Hibino, CEO Dentsu Branded Agencies and Dentsu media

Takaki Hibino, CEO Dentsu Branded Agencies and Dentsu media

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Dentsu Aegis Network’s integrated offering Dentsu Branded Agencies (DBA) has hired Adam Good for the role of chief digital officer for APAC.Good joins the agency network from Australian telecoms firm Telstra where he was director of digital media and content, holding responsibility for the businesses strategy for digital media best replica bag , content and ad sales.At Dentsu Branded Agencies he will be charged with strengthening the agency’s capabilities in digital carlavermaat , with plans to drive greater specialisation in the area.Takaki Hibino, CEO Dentsu Branded Agencies and Dentsu media Asia Pacific, who Cook will be reporting into, said: “Adam is a proven digital marketer in establishing and leading teams, and has a deep understanding of how brands are being built in the digital economy. Coupled with his global experience and strategic insight, we believe he is a great addition to the team and can drive us towards a greater degree of digital specialisation.”Cook will be moving to Singapore from Australia as part of the move, adding to a career that has seen him work in countries including the United States, China, Australia and New Zealand.Prior to Testra, Cook was an executive VP at Proximity Worldwide San Francisco, executive director of digital innovation at Clemenger Group and president of Tribal DDB Worldwide Asia Pacific.This article is about: Asia, Dentsu Group, Branding, Telstra, Chief Digital Officer, Digital, Marketing Services, Media, Technology, Agency

Dentsu Branded Agencies selects Telstra’s Adam Good for top APAC digital role

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LinkedIn Account Targeting will allow businesses to input their

LinkedIn Account Targeting will allow businesses to input their

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LinkedIn has made changes to how ads can be delivered on the platform after introducing a new account-based marketing feature which will allow advertisers to use their own data to more accurately target ads. LinkedIn The new feature , which will roll out from tomorrow (2 March), now makes it possible for advertisers to aim sponsored InMail and sponsored updates towards businesses which they want to generate sales from.Russell Glass high quality replica handbags , the head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, told Tech Crunch that the company-targeting features currently available were inefficient because of the manual process and the cap of 100 companies and so changes were made to support account-based marketing.LinkedIn Account Targeting will allow businesses to input their own list of accounts which LinkedIn then cross references to create a user segment for ad targeting.The feature can also be combined with LinkedIn’s other targeting features which would allow advertisers to tailor their campaigns to certain job titles in specific regions to thousands of companies.Glass said that the new features would allow marketers to become “more aligned with what the sales team is already doing”.Other features in the works include Audience Matching which LinkedIn says will give advertisers more options with the data collected. This article is about: World, LinkedIn, Advertising, Social Media, B2B, TechnologySource: Tech Crunch

LinkedIn rolls out new ad targeting features

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My Spartan goals are simple for the first few weeks of

My Spartan goals are simple for the first few weeks of

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So, I’ve signed up for my first Spartan. The magic day will be May 9. That’s about ten weeks from now. For those of you who don’t know what the Spartan is, in this case , it is a three-mile race at CitiField in New York City. During the race , there are 15 challenging obstacles that one must complete. Failure to complete an obstacle leads to penalty burpees. Based on fitness level, it could end up as the “The Day of the Endless Burpees.”What’s my motivation? Well, primarily, because it’s there. In a classic “why did the chicken cross the road” turn of logic, I felt it was time. I’ve been hearing about Spartans for years, from those who have ventured onto the field and from those who swear they would never do anything that crazy. I never swear like that. I love a good challenge. I’ve run a few marathons because my doctor told me I should never run more than five miles at a time. I’m 6’2” and 215 pounds, so he always said my frame was too big for long-distance running. Of course, I had to prove him wrong. I was never worried about finishing the races as I am as pig-headed and determined as they come, but I was dedicated to the idea that I would run a relatively happy race and I would feel good the next day. Sure enough, I trained smart and met my goals. Recently, my focus has been on boxing and Krav Maga, two sports that don’t necessarily lead directly into Spartan territory. I mix up my training with weight work once or twice a week as well as Pilates once or twice a week to make sure I remain balanced and flexible. My Spartan goals are simple for the first few weeks of training: increase my cardio vascular work, play with HIIT training days, maintain my flexibility and balance with my Pilates work, and shift my strength training to more body weight/suspension-oriented exercise with the TRX. Fortunately, I have built a great training facility in Brooklyn with roughly 5,000 square feet dedicated to an adult playground, with monkey, pull up and dip bars, a climbing wall, battle ropes and rope machines, plyo boxes—everything that I will need to get myself up to speed for the race in ten weeks. Ideally, I think I would like to race at 200 pounds so that I feel a little lighter on some of the climbing obstacles—bulk isn’t as important for climbing a knotted rope as it is for grappling in a Krav class. But my goal will not be to drop pounds. I have found in the past that if I dedicate myself to training intelligently for the event, my body will shift to the appropriate size. My diet is pretty solid all year round. I will make sure to stay hydrated, as increasing my cardio vascular load will put greater demands on my system and dehydration will cause a breakdown and injury—not an appealing prospect.Finally, I will be putting a team together so that I have people to train with, if not in person, at least through check-ins on a regular basis. There is no greater joy than sharing the pain of prepping for an event such as this. And maybe we will try to raise some money for charity while we are at it. That is always a great motivator on the days when you really just don’t want to do it.Michael Feigin is proprietor of The Fitness Guru gym in Brooklyn. Follow him @TheFitnessGuru.

The Journey Begins

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The potential liability was caused when the Legislature failed

The potential liability was caused when the Legislature failed

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Other Editorials• New water authority should bring change• KEITH CRAIN: The journey is just about over writtleholdings , almost• MARY KRAMER: Palin tried to block important talk on life• OTHER VOICES: Next step for water deal: Invest• Editorial cartoonOn Friday, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill to ensure Michigan isn’t forced to pay $1.1 billion in refunds to 134 businesses for tax years 2008-10. The potential liability was caused when the Legislature failed to eliminate an alternate method of tax computation for out-of-state companies under a multistate tax compact when it created the now-defunct Michigan Business Tax in a frenzy in 2007. IBM noticed replica hermes , took its case to court and won a ruling in its favor earlier this year from the Michigan Supreme Court. The new bill solves the problem, but we can’t help but have a couple of takeaways:We don’t miss the legislative chaos that existed during the administration of Gov. Jennifer Granholm.We can’t help but think that the elimination of term limits — or at least a noticeable lengthening of them — could lead to a more knowledgeable Legislature less prone to these kinds of mistakes.Related LinksSnyder signs bill to avert potential $1.1B loss

Takeaways from tax bill issue

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(View Count – Not available)Karate Kid reboots with Cobra

(View Count – Not available)Karate Kid reboots with Cobra

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YouTube Re:View Welcome to our roundup of YouTube Re:View. This week, we witness José Mourinho trying to teach comedian Jack Whitehall how to drive and Deadpool dancing to Céline Dion. José Mourinho gives Jack Whitehall driving lessonsWe’re used to seeing José Mourinho manage his football team (and sometimes manipulate the media!) but can he put his skills to good use as a driving instructor? Comedian Jack Whitehall gets behind the skins of some of the most famous men in the world of football in his new YouTube Originals series, Training Days. In this episode, Jack tests José’s patience with Nando and hair jokes, while Welsh footballer Gareth Bale scares passers by in a Madam Tussaud museum. We thought he made a very convincing statue – almost as good as Cristiano Ronaldo in fact. (View Count – 1,600,145)*Deadpool dances to Céline DionCanadian singer Céline Dion may have been under the radar recently but in this powerhouse track for anticipated movie Deadpool 2 she makes her presence very known – and her vocal chords are showing no signs of slowing down. But what we really want to know is – when did Deadpool learn to dance so good? (View Count – 16,880,179)*Have you got what it takes to be Kris Jenner’s assistant?Watch out peeps – famous Kardashian lady Kris Jenner is on the look-out for a new assistant. Could you be the one? Here is a quick list of things she is looking for:Availability 24/7 (weekends you might be let off depending on Kris’s generosity levels)Detail-oriented, great organisational skills and a self-starterDesirable to have: mixologist or bartender experienceApplication process: CV? No way it’s all about apps now. Get on the Bumble Bizz app and create your perfect profile to capture Kris’s attention. Deadline: You snooze, you lose. (View Count – 1,968,218)*Google steps up its Doodles in VRTen years ago you might have been dreaming if you saw a bunch of doodles come to life in Virtual Reality (VR). For the first time this week, Google launched its VR 360-degree Doodle to celebrate the life and work of French cinematic magician Georges Méliès. Doodler and project art lead Hélène Leroux in her Doodle blog said the aim was to “highlight several tricks Méliès pioneered while also transporting the viewer into a magical world and story”. (View Count – Not available)Karate Kid reboots with Cobra KaiIt’s been a whopping 34 years since martial arts movie Karate Kid charmed our socks off but luckily for fans, it’s not over. Ralph Macchio has reprised his role as Daniel LaRusso in YouTube Red’s Cobra Kai. The trailer has more than 15 million views on YouTube and in this interview, Ralph and co-star William Zabka joke about how it felt stepping back into character and putting the headbands back on. But why call it Cobra Kai? And why did it take so long for them to come back? (View Count – 920,872)*YouTube UK Ads LeaderboardIn conversation with… Uncommon Creative StudioYouTube invited the brilliant minds and founders of Uncommon Creative Studio, Nils Leonard and Lucy Jameson, to share their favourite moments from this year’s YouTube UK Ads Leaderboards (thus far). Find out which ads, brands and agencies are impressing the legendary creative duo. (*all view count numbers, correct at time of publication)Never miss a beat with the week’s top videos on YouTube UK. Tune in next Friday for the next line-up.Can’t wait? Get YouTube Re:View delivered straight to your inbox and visit Think with YouTube to find out why YouTube is more than just viewers.This article is about: World cheap replica handbags , Youtube, YouTube: Re:View, Football, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Virtual Reality (VR), Deadpool, Social Media, Marketing // In Association with YouTubeEnjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family dwingeloo-centraal , and the world on YouTube.Find out more

YouTube Re:View: Deadpool dancing, driving with Mourinho & Kris Jenner's assistant

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“The entire family could serve as an example for demonstrating

“The entire family could serve as an example for demonstrating

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Lonnie Allen, Charlevoix Courier Amber and Phillip Munday’s products range widely from pancake mix to meat rubs. There may not be gold in them-thar hills, but there’s plenty of it in them-thar sugar maples on the Parsons centennial farm south of Charlevoix — and at the new Harwood Gold Café, a new eatery in downtown Charlevoix.”Gold” is what five generations of the Parsons family have been calling the maple syrup they’ve been making on the family farm since 1898, tapping into two huge stands of maples on their 180-acre farm along Harwood Lake.But the family’s fifth generation — Amber Munday and her sister, Katie Untalan — has intensified the focus on syrup, introduced a newer business model and a vastly increased the product line.Until recently, farming was more of a family pastime. Their father, David, raised hay and made syrup but had a full-time job as a machinist at Michigan Scientific Corp. in Charlevoix. His wife, Terri, was a schoolteacher who sold syrup at farmers markets each summer.Amber, her husband uk perfect fake hermes , Phillip, and Katie have launched the café and a 50-item product line far beyond simple maple syrup, and Katie has begun growing a variety of organic vegetables to be used at the café and as another source of revenue.But that’s getting ahead of the tale, a major chapter of which begins in the summer of 2010, when Australian-born chef Phillip Munday arrived on a yacht out of Fort Lauderdale. He thought the Charlevoix harbor looked like a movie set. Soon, he was enamored with both the view and a local woman he met, Amber Parsons.Munday stayed in northern Michigan for three months, then he and Amber moved to Tasmania, Australia, where she did odd jobs and he was a chef.In August 2012, they returned to Charlevoix to be married on the family farm. That’s when Amber’s dad dropped a bomb on her.As Amber recounts it, her father came up to her and said: “We want to retire. I’m tired. This is a huge undertaking. If you’re interested, we’ll show you the ropes. If not, we’re going to sell it.””I told him , ‘That’s not going to happen.’ We weren’t going to let them sell the farm. Phillip was really excited about it. We’d already decided we wanted to own our own business in some capacity, and this gave us the opportunity.”In 2014, the Mundays moved back to Charlevoix for good and began working with her parents as part of a transition process. In June 2015, they and Katie formally took over ownership of the farm.They continued selling maple syrup at farmer’s markets, “but we wanted to have a bigger business. We came up with a list of 100 products and narrowed to 50. My parents thought we were crazy,” said Amber with a laugh.The product list is wide-ranging, from pancake and cornbread mixes to buckwheat and granola to jams and jellies to maple catsup and maple mustard to meat rubs to sauces. They make everthing themselves in a large kitchen on the farm, adjacent to their combination warehouse and syrup processing barn.Everything they make is sweetened only with maple syrup — no fructose, corn syrup or cane sugar. Since maple syrup is so sweet, they can use far fewer grams per serving than would be needed with other sweeteners.Taking advantage of Phillip’s culinary background, they also make and sell Australian-style meat pies. They come in such choices as chicken, leeks and portobello mushrooms; braised lamb shank and vegetable; and beef brisket and portobello mushroom.All include maple syrup-infused barbecue sauce.Amber said Phillip began making his pies for friends and family after moving to Michigan. “They were telling him, ‘Man, you need to be selling these.'”They expanded their range of maple syrups as well, and now sell syrups infused with mango, vanilla bean, lavender and coffee, and a ghost pepper-infused maple syrup that can be used both as a glaze for ribs and a pick-me-up in cocktails. They also sell a bourbon-infused syrup, using small wooden barrels they borrow from the Grand Traverse Distillery. Harwood Gold Maple Syrup Infused maple syrups are a mainstay of Harwood Gold’s expansion. After they make the syrup, they return the barrels to the distillery, which then uses them to make a maple syrup-infused bourbon.Phillip says he gets a particular kick out of using maple syrup so extensively. Australia doesn’t have maple trees and imports what ends up being high-priced syrup from Canada, which makes its use there somewhat rare.In the summer of 2015, farmers markets in Charlevoix, Petoskey and Boyne City provided the major source of revenue, though the three partners knew that if they wanted this to be the successful business they imagined, they needed it to be more than seasonal.One rainy day in June 2016, sitting at the farmers market in downtown Charlevoix, Amber saw a for-rent sign in front of the former Murdick’s Famous Fudge shop, which had moved to another building downtown after having been in that spot since 1953.Suddenly, it seemed clear. “We were at a point where we needed to make a decision,” she said. They took the plunge and signed a three-year lease three weeks later. After a lot of time and money spent on a total renovation, they opened a café on Aug. 5.The revonation was a family affair, involving the Mundays, Katie and her husband, David, and David and Terri Parsons. They removed the dropped ceiling to reveal, to their surprise, a gorgeous stamped tin ceiling, replaced windows, put in a new wood floor and found cool old barn wood to lend atmosphere.”We were happy we were doing it, but there were moments where you wondered, ‘What did we do?’ “The café is open year-round, seven days a week during the busy summer and fall color seasons, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.The pies are a staple at both the café and their market at the farm, selling about 1,000 a week during the busy season. They retail for $6 each.They employ two at the farm, which operates as Parsons Farm LLC, and 16 at the café, whose legal name is Harwood Gold Café LLC.Eventually, they’d like to start doing occasional farm-to-table dinners at the farm.Back when they were starting to transition from a fourth-generation to a fifth-generation farm, Amber met Annie Olson, the director of the northwest Michigan region for the state’s Small Business Development Center, at a seminar on succession planning for family farms.Olson has been advising them since.”The entire family could serve as an example for demonstrating a willingness to learn togther, try new ideas, and be inventive with developing their business approach for the future,” said Olson. “As it relates to Harwood Gold Café, Amber and Phil are knocking it out the park from the design and interior of the café, atmosphere, and both products and services that they are offering.”They and Katie are extremely coachable and the epitome of what a fun client looks like from my perspective. They have a lot of learning curves to work their way through, and that will all come with time and persistence. I’m looking forward to being a continued member of their team in helping them along the way.”In 2015, the farm was named as the best small business for Olson’s region.Related LinksSpinning a business opportunity: Daughter's 4H project turned into a second act in fiber processingA farm with a view: The scenery is part of the strategy at this organic farm in Petoskey

Gold in the trees: A fifth-generation family maple syrup farm expands products, adds café

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”He said: “We need a third column

”He said: “We need a third column

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Bundesliga clubs have united to call for an overhaul in how the revenue from television rights is distributed, arguing that a team’s marketing potential should be taken into account. VfB Stuttgart has joined Hertha Berlin, Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt , Hamburg and Cologne in a call for change.As it stands, all clubs in Germany’s top two leagues receive the same amount of TV rights revenue in an initial payment before earning a second payment which is determined by their league position at the end of the season.The six clubs who are openly calling for a restructure of how the money is divided up say that a club’s marketing potential should be a contributing factor.Stuttgart president, Bernd Wahler, has argued that “the league position is only one criterion of several that play a role in determining how attractive a game is for fans and television channels.”He said: “We need a third column. Whoever increases the value of our communal Bundesliga product, because they have many fans and a lot of public interest, should be considered in the division of the income.”The six clubs pushing the proposal have enjoyed little success in the league and Europe as of late however they have large support bases and are well-known names throughout the footballing world.The top clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are unsurprisingly not calling for change. As are other clubs with significant financial backing such Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen, who both qualified for this year’s Champions League and have been more successful, despite having fewer fans, thanks to the corporate support they have received.The Bundesliga’s next television rights deal will come into play in 2017. This article is about: World, Bundesliga, Football prada replica bags , Media, Financial, SportSource: Deutsche Welle‎

Bundesliga clubs say marketing potential should decide distribution of TV rights revenue

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In 2009, it ran into financial trouble and its controlling

In 2009, it ran into financial trouble and its controlling

listed Kazakh paper firm raided

LONDON, Dec 11 (Reuters) Kazakhstan Kagazy Plc paper making Canada Goose sale canada goose operations in Almaty, Kazakhstan have been raided cheap Canada Goose and accused of criminal activities and tax evasion by financial police, the London listed company said on Wednesday.

The raid comes Canada Goose Parka as the maker of paper, board and packaging battles former Canada Goose sale shareholders and directors Maksat Arip, Baglan Zhunus and Shynar Dikhanbayeva in a London court where it accuses them canada goose store of fraud.

Kagazy said in a statement there appeared to be a link between its London legal action, where on Nov. 20 the canada goose clearance High Court upheld a $100 buy canada goose jacket cheap million freezing injunction over assets of Arip and Zhunus, and the Canada Goose online raid. However, today raid on the business shows a dramatic Canada Goose Outlet escalation in the level of pressure being applied against the company.

The canada goose coats raid represents disregard for due process and the canada goose replica rule of law and it Kazakhstan ability canada goose coats on sale to attract foreign direct investment from multinational businesses like Kazakhstan Kagazy, the statement quoted a spokesman saying.

Kagazy main shareholder is now its chief executive, Thomas Mateos Werner, a former banker and partner of Canada Goose Jackets wealth management firm Werner Capital, who holds 29.9 percent.

In the London High Court Case, Isle of Man registered Kagazy accuses its former buy canada goose jacket chairman Arip, chief executive Zhunus and finance director Dikhanbayeva of stealing $135 million from canada goose deals the canada goose outlet toronto factory company. All three deny the accusations.

Court canada goose black friday sale documents say Arip and Zhunus originally owned 50 canada goose outlet store locations percent each of Kagazy, but reduced their holdings in the late 2000s. Arip, the papers say, is from Kazakhstan but now has dual Cypriot/Saint Kitts Canada Goose Online and Nevis nationality.

Kagazy had an initial public offering of shares in London in 2007 raising $273 million. In 2009, it ran into financial trouble and its controlling shareholders changed ahead of a debt restructuring agreement that was finalised with most bondholders and canadian goose jacket creditors in 2011.

Arip is also the founder of Russian oil producer Exillon Energy Plc, another company whose 2018 canada goose outlet shares are listed in London. He approached Exillon about repurchasing it earlier this year, but later sold his stake to Russian businessmen Alexei Khotin Canada Goose Coats On Sale who is considering his own approach for canada goose clearance sale the company.

For those craving more than a 90-minute urban yoga fix

For those craving more than a 90-minute urban yoga fix

The Yoga 2018 canada goose outlet Report

facebook dialogPinterestHave we reached total yoga saturation yet? Preschoolers, senior citizens, even dogs are doing yoga these days, and studios seem Canada Goose Outlet to be opening on every corner. Even so New Yorkers have just gotten yet another place to Canada Goose online practice canada goose coats their downward dogs: canada goose clearance Pure Yoga. Owned by Equinox, Pure Yoga takes buy canada goose jacket up three canada goose black friday sale floors on East 86th Street, making it canadian goose jacket the click over here largest yoga center in the buy canada goose jacket cheap city. It's Canada Goose Coats On Sale the sixth location of a canada goose outlet toronto factory small high-end chain that until now has been exclusively in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei. canada goose store (The Equinox partnership only extends to the US locations; they're considering LA next.) There are Canada Goose Parka 19 different classes on offer, from canada goose clearance sale Vinyasa to Iyengar, along with some interesting hybrids, such as the hard-core cheap Canada Goose sounding Canada Goose sale "Multi-Intenso." Like a gym, Pure Yoga operates Canada Goose Jackets on a membership basis, requiring both an canada goose deals initiation fee ($400) and monthly fee Canada Goose Online ($140).For those craving more than a 90-minute urban yoga fix, the venerable Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico will become home to a mini ashram during canada goose topcanadagoose the month of August. A guest canada goose outlet store locations swami (Swami Veda Bharati, who runs an ashram in the Himalayas), will be giving lectures on topics like "searching canada goose replica for fulfillment" and "philosophy of Hatha yoga" while his staff of 13 will act as guest yoga instructors.Above: Yoga at canada goose coats on sale Rancho la Puerta.

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